an artful spacenet installation



relax … this is your space, your time

“With Spacetime we materialise the concept of ‘socialising’: meeting friends in a certain 3D-space at a certain time. The exclusive net takes you on a floating journey together warping time into infinity creating unique experiences, memories and moments.
Spacetime (theoretical def): ‘the concepts of time and three-dimensional space regarded as fused in a four-dimensional continuum” (Oxford Dictionairy)’
Spacetime (Lyapunov def): ‘hang out in a spacenet'”

We create an installation tailormade to your location and event. This means that the number of nets will depend on the space available, the number of trees available or ground stakes needed, etc. Contact us for more info, without any obligations, we can discuss the options on site.


A unique experience in a unique space

Suitable for all ages

Safe and strong, yet soft and bouncy

Handcrafted by us, each net is a unique piece of art


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it strong enough?

Yes, each of our nets is designed with carefully chosen strong and qualitative ropes. We studied, checked and tested the forces in our set-ups and everything is professionally installed by a certified rigger. 


Trees or strong collums form ideal anchor points, however, where not available stakes or blocks could be an option. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. The whole installation can be set-u tailormade according to your location. 

Is it for all ages?

Yes, people from all ages can enjoy the unique characteristics of our spacenets. For your (inner) child they can be trampolines or for your inner zen they can be calm floating islands. They can be used to chill, play, sleep, jump, study, dream, … No age restrictions.