flight of the phoenix

its greatest desire is a sea of fire



a poetic fire performance with live music, funambule and unique fire elements

Flight of the Phoenix

In search for freedom the phoenix embraces the fiery heat, spreads its wings and embarks on a journey to find stability within its eternal cycle of life, dead and rebirth from its ashes.

A poetic fire performance with many creative and unique fire elements.

The performance is accompanied with original live music and an extraordinary unique in house developed instrument the ‘SKYOLIN‘, the brainchild of a musician and a rope walker.

Unique live music with our own songs

Creative and unique fire elements

Suitable for a large audience

An inspiring experience for the audience


Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, the fire is real and yes it can burn youself or your clothes. Nevertheless, this is a safe act, trained, tested and prepared with many precautions against fire hazard.

There are also dedicated fire people controlling and managing the fire.

What do you need?

All we need is an open space, e.g. a stretch of grass or a lawn. Contact us for more details.

What about weather conditions?

Yes, wet conditions or heavy wind can make it harder for our phoenix to take off. However we will always try everything within our reasonalbe power to make the show go on. Our crew is flexible and experienced to deal with varying conditons. Contact us for more info.