Our Story

Lyapunov is a Belgian based rope walker and aerial collective which takes it up high with live music and artistic installations. 

The 1st of October in 2014 Lyapunov was founded by Johan Wuyts out of a passion for rope walking (a generic term for all its different subdisciplines) and out of a drive to spread it’s popularity and be able to realise his own cool projects with it.

Over the years these projects exploded into what Lyapunov has become today, well experienced and confidend in realising a wide variaty of shows, performances, projects, rigging-challenges and installations, workshops and classes. For many within the field, Lyapunov has become a source of reference and advice with regard to rigging and rope walking in all it’s aspects.

Lyapunov offers you a professional, reliable, creative, dynamic and certified team with an open mind and years of expertise.

Contact us to see what we can realise for you, your event or your project?