extra flame to our performances



when the wire is on fire … you feel the heat

The Firewire

Fire is inherently dangerous yet fascinating and exciting and triggers an ancient human interest. Although at a safe distance, the audience feels the heat and is impressed by the giant flames and the line of fire. Seeing someone balance, dance and play through it makes many jaws drop.


Adds a unique effect to any performance

Safe and controled, yet hot and exciting

Developed and tested by Lyapunov, this is a rare act


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it real fire?

Yes, the fire is real and yes it can burn you or your clothes. Nevertheless, this is a safe act, trained, tested and prepared with many precautions against fire hazard.

Is this possible up high?

No, due to the fact that the fire is real, a safe sideways escape is needed, just in case.

Is it possible above water?

No, this is neither practical nor environmental friendly (yet) due to the fuel which is used to start the fire.