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Learning to walk the wire

enhancing peoples mind by strengthening their balance

Funambule by the people for the people

This is a participative project in which novices take up the challenge to learn funambulism and to perform a funambule water crossing in their neighbourhood.*

Participants follow an in depth course of funambulism in advance of the event.**

* Contact us to discuss the options and the right formula for your location and event.

**Throughout the project psychological and physical safety of the participants is our number one priority.

In search of a smaller initiation, workshop or class? Check out our ‘Teaching‘ page. We provide workshops with a formula tailormade to your audience and event. 

Professional coach with years of experience

Lifetime positive memories

Unique experiences guaranteed

Suitable for a wide range of ages


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to learn?

Almost everyone can learn funambule. We provide the appropriate set-ups and coaching to make it possible and accessible for the participants. Together with them we extent the bounderies of what they tought was possible for them.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is safe. Both during the workshops as during the actual challenge the psychological and physical safety of the participants is our number one priority. We guide and secure them appropriate. From a certain height on participants are provided a fall protection harness with which they are connected to a safety line. A trained coach is their to aide in case of need.

Who provides the installation(s)?

All the installations, both during the workshops as for the actual challenge, are provided and installed by Lyapunov.