Covid-19 Flexible booking policy

Under the current international Covid-19 circumstances we offer the option to cancel free of charge* any bookings uptill seven days before the event.

Even more flexbility is possible if the contract is renewed to a later date.

*In exception from any installation work or transport already done.


an aerial playground for acrobats



your event with a 3D-touch … wonder up high

Lyapunov creates a criss-cross of horizontal and vertical lines, ropes and floating nets organically arranged and intertwined with the features of the location. This matrix creates a playground for rope walkers and aerialists to explore and a mesmerising feast for the eyes of the audience.

Netwerk is tailormade for your location and event. Contact us to discuss the options?

A unique touch to your event, a real eye catcher

Suitable for all ages

Safe and strong, yet beautifull and artistic

Handcrafted by us, each net is a unique piece of art


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes, everything is installed by a professional and certified rigger and the whole installation has back-ups. Rope walkers are secured without ruining the thrill of the action. 

where do you attach them?

The whole installation can be set-up tailormade according to your location. We work with the features of the location so that our Netwerk fits in organicly.

Do you damage the location?

No, we work with a leave no-trace policy. We protect trees or fragile features of the building against any damage. Also everything we install, all our anchor points and installations are set-up non-invasive (so no drilling) and temporally so they can be removed again at the end of the event.