an aerial playground for acrobats



creating art by combining wavelengths

A criss-cross of horizontal and vertical lines, ropes and floating nets organically arranged and intertwined with the features of the location form a matrix and creates a playground for rope walkers and aerialists to explore and a mesmerising feast for the eyes of the audience which gets submerged into a new universe with unique live music.

Netwerk is tailormade to your location and event. Contact us to discuss the options?

A unique touch to your event, a real eye catcher

Suitable for all ages

Suitable for very large audiences

To create the live music our own instruments e.g. the Skyolin are integrated into the installation


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes, everything is installed by a professional and certified rigger and the whole installation has back-ups. Rope walkers are secured without ruining the thrill of the action. The audience is allowed to walk underneath the performers emerging their sences.

where do you attach them?

The whole installation can be set-up tailormade according to your location. We work with the features of the location so that our Netwerk fits in organicly.

Do you damage the location?

No, we work with a leave no-trace policy. We protect trees or fragile features of the building against any damage. Also everything we install, all our anchor points and installations are set-up non-invasive (so no drilling) and temporally so they can be removed again at the end of the event.