eye catching grandeur & mesmerising sounds



a city’s unique silhouette, it’s concrete visual fingerprint

Upgrading the City’s Silhouette

For SkyLine we highline between those landmarks wich are characterising for the city’s unique skyline, therefor creating a temporally altered and even upgraded version of that city’s silhouette. One that can be seen from almost everywhere.

By crossing these immense distances (several 100’s of meters) we also alter and upgrade the amenity value for it’s citicens who’s minds get stretched seeing their city in a different more transcend perspective.

This performance is tailormade to your location and event. Contact us to discuss the options?

The ‘SkyLine’ is combined with music from our unique in house developed instrument the ‘SKYOLIN‘.

The highline is high up, creating an amazing picture among the sky, while the strings of the SKYOLIN make the connection between the sky and the audience. The unique music adds that extra sauce to complete the performance dish.

Mind blowing distances

Suitable for a very large audience

Seen from around and outside the city

Guaranteed (social) media coverage for the event


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the line across?

Each Skyline demands a different approach depending on the length of the line and the amount and type of urban space that has to be crossed. The team of Lyapunov is highly experienced and creative in this.

This can be a fun mind-bending and puzzling question for the audience. We studied, checked and tested the forces in our set-ups and everything is professionally installed by a certified rigger. 

do you damage the building?

No, we work according to a leave-no-trace principle wich implies that everything we install can be removed again and that we protect the infrastructure with our uttermost care. Over the years we gained many experience with this and we even had the privilege to install our lines between and to UNESCO World Heritage buildings.

Is it safe?

Yes, although our act can be extremely high, we are always secured both while rigging and while on the line. The whole installation has a backup and everything is installed by a professional certified and experienced rigger. Furthermore all of our rope walkers are highly trained people.