In ‘Airtime’ Lyapunov anticipates the feelings of the audience with their highline performance. The air is both intense and breath-taking. ‘Airtime’ would be:
(psychology) the feeling of endless time when you’ve mastered a skill; having time to breath; having time to play
(physics) the amount of time an object is in the air before it drops


With ‘luchtbrug’* Lyapunov creates art and wonder high up. While balancing they draw lines between two points otherwise never connected before, in the void, where no-one ever came.
Lyapunov deforms the void causing the perception of that space to change forever.
*”luchtbrug = Dutch for skywalk: an elevated walkway connecting two buidlings or parts of buildings”


Lyapunov creates a criss-cross of horizontal and vertical lines, ropes and floating nets organically arranged and intertwined with the features of the location. This matrix creates a playground for rope walkers and aerialists to explore and a mesmerising feast for the eyes of the audience.

String theory

Within String Theory the story is told about how different strings (lines, ropes, vocal cords and guitar strings) interact with each other within the space they are temporally put together. Within this space their different wavelengths propagate, connect and collide with one another each time forming a new unique composition interacting with the audiance.

Music for the ropes

Horziontal or vertical, a rope can be a tool to venture into new spaces. It can connect different points and help people to connect.

For this act we created an eye catching instrument with a unique mesmerizing sound.


With ‘feu-nambule’ we seek out the poetry. Drown into an enchanting atmosphere we write with mesmerizing images. Images that come into existence through a clever tension between fire and water. Carried away by the music, the audience joins the funambulists on their quest for balance.


Designed and developed by Lyapunov, our firewire can add a unique feature to our rope walking installations, creating that extra ‘wow’ effect. Yes, the fire is real and hot and yes, we balance through it.

Funambule by the people for the people

This is a participative funamuble project in which novices take up the challenge to learn funambulism and to perform a funambule water crossing in their neighbourhood.* Participants follow an in depth course of funambulism in advance of the event.** Lifetime positive memories and exceptional experiences guaranteed.
* Contact us to discuss the options for your location and event.
** Throughout the project psychological and physical safety of participants is our number one priority.